Charter for Personal data protection and Cookies

1/ Management of cookies

1.1/ What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your device (telephone, computer, tablet, etc.) by GROSFILLEX and our partners when you browse our website. By extension, and as regards this cookies policy, the word “cookie” covers more generally all tracking technologies used on the website and which collect information related to your browsing and your interactions on it. 

Cookies may be:

- Session Cookies, when they are kept on your device exclusively while you browse the website and are deleted when you close your browser.

- Persistent Cookies, when they are kept on your device for a longer period, until their expiry or until their deletion by the user.

In certain cases, the cookies used on our website may collect personal data about you. 

When the personal data are collected by GROSFILLEX as data controller, they are processed in accordance with the terms of this privacy statement.  

When third-party cookies enable our partners to collect and process personal data about you, we recommend that you consult their privacy statement in order to have information about the conditions in which your personal data will be processed. The full list of partners authorised to save cookies on our website and the links to their privacy statements are available below.

1.2/ Which cookies do we use?

Technical and necessary cookies: 

PrestaShop issues session cookies that are strictly necessary for the correct operation of the website when you are browsing it. These cookies do not require consent before being saved on the device.

In addition, these cookies enable:

To benefit from the essential functions of our website.

To memorise certain information in relation to your purchase conduct.

To access reserved and personal sections of our website, such as your customer account, using the authentication mechanism.

To remember your choices about cookies and to ensure the operation of our cookies management tool.

In this respect, the following third-party suppliers save essential cookies on your device:

Name Supplier Purpose Conservation period
Google Recaptcha GOOGLE Ensures the security of our contact forms 11 months

- So-called “analytics” cookies which enable us to draw up traffic statistics in order to understand how you interact with our website and offer you the best experience.

These cookies are saved on your device with your consent. If you do not agree to them being saved, we will not be able to consider your browsing in our performance and audience measurement statistics or to adapt the website according to your preferences.   

In this respect, the following third-party suppliers may be authorised to save analytics cookies on your device:

Name Supplier Purpose Conservation period
Google Analytics GOOGLE ANALYTICS Enables to analyse the statistics regarding consultation of our website. 11 months

- “Marketing” or publicity cookies which enable you to benefit from personalised advertisements that are relevant to you, on our website and on third-party websites:

o Cookies which enable to adapt the publicity content inserted on our website to suit your interests, your location or your conduct on our website;

o Cookies which enable to draw up statistics regarding advertising on our advertisement spaces and your interaction with these spaces in order to assess the efficiency of an advertisement;

o Cookies which enable to provide you with advertisements related to our website and our services when you access third-party websites and social media, further to your visit on our website.

These cookies are saved on your device with your consent. If you do not agree to them being saved, you will not be able to have access to personalised advertisements.

In this respect, the following third-party suppliers may be authorised to save marketing cookies on your device:

Name Supplier Purpose Conservation period
Double Click DOUBLE CLICK Distributes our advertisements on the Google network. 11 months
Adform ADFORM Agency for distributing our advertisements 11 months
Facebook FACEBOOK Identifies the visitors from Facebook publications 11 months
Google Ads GOOGLE Assesses the efficiency of the sponsored campaigns 11 months
Outbrain OUTBRAIN Personalises your experience on our website 11 months
Bing BING Assesses the efficiency of Bing sponsored campaigns 11 months
Adventori ADVENTORI Collects data on the conduct and interaction of internet users, to optimise the website and make the publicity on the website more relevant. 11 months

Social media plugins

The website uses social media plugins such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. (hereafter “Social Media”). For example, if the user is connected to Facebook when browsing on the Website, Facebook may directly link the user’s visit to his/her Facebook user account, even if the user has not used the share button. If the user interacts using plugins, for example, by clicking on the “Like” button or by leaving a comment, the corresponding information will be communicated and saved on a Facebook server. It will be published on the user’s Facebook account.

GROSFILLEX does not manage the data collected by the Social Media using the buttons. The user should consult the personal data protection policy published by the Social Media in question in order to obtain information on the methods of processing and using the data collected by the latter, and the settings available for protecting privacy. If the user does not want the Social Media to link the information collected via GROSFILLEX to his/her Social Media user account, he/she must log out of the Social Media before consulting the website.

1.3/ Managing your choices in terms of cookies

When you access the website, a cookies banner is displayed enabling you to allow or refuse all cookies, or to make your choice for each category of cookies put to your prior consent (necessary cookies are activated by default). Until you give your consent, these cookies are deactivated by default and are not installed on your device.

You may choose to define your choices per category of cookies. The “Manage cookies” button on the banner shows a settings screen enabling you to find out information about the categories of cookies used on the website and to select the purposes of cookies that you allow or refuse. 

You may amend these settings at any time by clicking on the “Cookies settings” tab accessible from all of the pages of the website.

1.4/ Conservation period of your choices in terms of cookies

Your choices regarding the acceptance or refusal of cookies on our website are kept for six (6) months, after which you will be asked again for your consent, refusal or a configuration of the cookies.

Latest update of the charter: 21st October 2022